Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Spring Vacation Pictures

We just got back from a great vacation in the East Coast- where we saw friends and family, enjoyed some nice spring weather, and had some great times. Our photos from the vacation are now online at Flickr; to see more than the few public ones you need to be logged in and registered as one of our friends. We stayed with our friends Bridget, Ryan, Ronan, and their two dogs and two cats.  Here are Lynn and Bridget on a stroll we took downtown.


We also enjoyed a nice afternoons at the lake nearby their house (click and drag or use the zoom buttons inside the panoramic image below).

We then drove to Washington DC and saw my aunt Ellie - including a trip to her art studio:


Before making our way to State College to see my mom in her home, where we also celebrated Passover with good family friends.